Erickson Elementary School

Is your little one ready to start school in the fall? Are you currently looking into which school to send them to? Then join us at our inaugural Kinder Readiness Event! See you tonight February 1st from 5-7pm at the Children's Museum Tucson, 400 S. 6th Ave.
What Makes Us Special
Erickson is a neighborhood school where students walk to campus on a daily basis and the community is a supportive force. The school has created a culture of trust with parents and staff, which enables the school to concentrate on academic achievement.
Erickson has a strong math and reading components and at each grade level. Teachers conduct daily math reviews and mental math activities and focus on the procedural and conceptual sides of math. Reading is encouraged at all levels, and tutors are available for students who might need extra help. Erickson also offers a strong band and orchestra program, access to the arts and other fun activities.
School Information
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